"Our challenge is to use technology to enhance the elderly's quality of life"

Marián García Prieto

In i4life we are specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of adapted, easy-to-use software and devices. Our technology achieves better communication between the user and their environment (family, caregivers, doctors).

Cuidadora con persona dependiente

"Nuestro reto es usar la tecnología para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas mayores"

Marián García Prieto

En i4life nos hemos especializado en el diseño y fabricación de dispositivos y software adaptado, de fácil uso. Nuestra tecnología consigue una mejor comunicación entre el usuario y su entorno (familiares, cuidadores, médicos).

It is a security system for CO2 measurements.

We use Blockchain technology to certify the CO2 level.

Measuring the level of CO2 is the same as measuring the level of COVID infection.

Medición securizada de CO2


An intelligent walking stick to cope with situations of freezing of gait that geolocates the user.

Record your position and activity to tell your doctor and caregivers. It also detects falls and helps in situations of disorientation.

Imagen del montaje del Pauto


Portable data acquisition compatible with

  • Pulse oximeter.
  • Glucometer.
  • Uric acid analyzer.
  • Urine analyzer.
  • Cholesterol Meter.

Connected to the physician and powered with artificial intelligence.

Case adherido a dispositivo móvil
i4case toma de datos portatil


  • Symptom diary
  • Customized reports based on your responses
  • Free service through Android and iOS APP

If you have a company and you want to add the service to your portfolio, you can do it through our API. Check more information in the following button.

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Blockchain implementation to encourage self-monitoring of chronic patients