April the 11th: World Parkinson’s Day

lema del día del párkinson

World Parkinson’s Day was celebrated on Sunday, April 11. This year, the campaign asked fans to put a positive label on the disease. It is necessary to share the symptoms and universalize the existence of the Disease. Looking for positive labels for Parkinson’s

One more year, attempts have been made to make people with this disease visible. In Spain more than 150,000 people suffer from the disease, according to the Spanish Society of Neurology, SEN.

Not all of these people are part of the “seniore” collective. In fact, although not everyone knows it, the disease increasingly occurs in younger people, under the age of 50 and even children and adolescents.

Parkinson’s has another handicap: the fact that most of us associate it with the tremors being unaware that this symptom only affects 40% of Parkinson’s patients. Even more, we are not aware that there are other indications that the disease may be beginning to develop, such as depression, gastrointestinal disorders , sensitive or sleepy…

There are many factors that influence the development of the disease and are not all known. MD. Diego Santos, Coordinator of the Movement Disorders Study Group of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN),  has described as causes for Parkinson’s their onset of age, more than 20 genetic mutations, environmental agents and brain traumas.

What is clear is that this neurodegenerative disease, which today has no cure, develops in each person in different ways. That is why personalized treatment is of particular importance. In that sense i4park, an application that automatically generates a symptom journal to take to consultation in order to describe daily symptoms.

On the occasion of the celebration of World Parkinson’s Day and in this line of making visible the sick and the different situations that go through, to soften the emotional impact of the disease on the person and with the intention of making it more known to abandon stereotypes, the Spanish Parkinson’s Federation has launched the campaign “Put a positive label” to change the perception of the disease in society, whose video you can watch here.

In 2021, a year after the COVID-19 pandemic, health is perceived in a completely different way: medical visits are being distanced, most are made over the phone and it is understood that it is the patient’s responsibility to actively participate in their follow-up and treatment.

COVID-19 has forced the advance and modernization of health and this is certainly something we should not delay. i4life  is ready to contribute to this modernization.


Author: Julia Dorada Estrada, owner of i4life










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