i4life participated on the European Hackathon #EUvsVirus 

Fighting against virus!!!

i4life en el hackathon de la Unión Europea


pauto® is an intelligent walking stick to cope with Freezing of Gait episodes. It also registers activity and geolocates the user. Press here for more info

You can buy here your pauto®

i4life apoya al parkinson

No te congeles en casa

Although we are staying more at home, we aim to stay at home without freezing of gait.

pyme innovadora

COVID-19 pandemic came to change our lives. We are committed with our mission so we are moving the office to our home. We’ll stay home not to spread the virus.

Our commitment with remote monitoring of chronic patients is increasing with the pandemic. We are about to launch i4case and we got i4gluco to a TRL7.

We will update info dealing with COVID-19 on our blog.


We adapted pauto® to the needs of our customers. Now available in three versions.


i4park es un diario para afectados de parkinson. Te ayuda a gestionar mejor tu enfermedad. Descarga la aplicación i4park en estos enlaces:


Seguimos trabajando en su desarrollo, ahora más enfocado a controlar a los afectados de CoVid-19.


i4gluco is a talking glucometer for those patients with poor vision.

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