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i4life in the III Social Innovation Awards by Fundación MAPFRE

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III Social Innovation Awards by Fundación MAPFRE

i4life was a candidate in the worldwide final of the III Social Innovation awards by Fundación MAPFRE, last thursday, October the 29th under an online format.

Aunque no pudimos alcanzar la victoria, nos sabemos ganadores por todo lo vivido hasta ahora con Fundación MAPFRE y la ieUniversity.

Esta fue nuestra experiencia…

The adventure began for i4life back in February, with a phone call in which we were nominated as one of the three European candidates in the eHealth category of the III Social Innovation Awards. At that moment, we started to continuously be given gifts. In the first moment, the Foundation’s press team got down to work to publicize the project, to connect us with newspapers, magazines, radio and television. In addition, we were assigned a luxury mentor, Nítida Pastor, who actively listened about our project during two intense sessions; Then, she guided us on how to polish up the candidacy to get through the two remaining phases.

Directly, by the simple fact of being candidates, we became members of RedInnova, an ecosystem of social innovators who have been finalists in all editions of these awards. We found ourselves attending talks, meetings, webinars with highest level speakers and with interesting colleagues. Good networking (although it all happened ‘inside our computers).

And, apparently, the work paid off … we became the European representatives in the final …It sounds really incredible! … that call we received again from Fundación MAPFRE where told us that we had reached the final… it was marvelous in this strange summer that we were living in this year 2020. They promised a face-to-face final, in Madrid, at the headquarters of the Foundation, a dream event … but, again COVID decided for us…

Unfortunately, the face-to-face format was not possible and everything had to be accommodated in an online scheme, without losing technical quality but loosing human quality because, even if they say otherwise, nothing replaces an old-talk, one of those free of masks and of social distances.

One advantage of online format is that final event is recorded and you can see it by means of this link: see the final.

To complete the photograph of the final we would like to leave here the links of the finalists who were selected from the 276 projects presented worldwide, the social innovation projects that reached the final of the III Fundación MAPFRE Award; there are three candidates for each category:

CATEGORY e-Health:

Instituto Laura Fressatto

HOPE (Perú)

i4life (España)

CATEGORY insurance Innovation:


Saving the planet you have innovative health insurance (Perú)

PENSIUM (España)

CATEGORÍA Sustainable Mobility:


Clipp – MaaS (Ecuador)

EGARA (España)


There is no doubt that any of the nine projects deserved the award. We live that event really nervous, because being finalists was already a success, but we couldn’t stop thinking about being the winners.

After a brief introduction of the projects, and an emotional talk by Mr. Antonio Huertas, president of the Fundación MAPFRE, the winners were revealed: 

eHealth: HOPE (Perú)

Insurance Innovation: PENSIUM (España)

Movilidad sostenible: Guiaderodas

At i4life we ​​are very proud to be part of this select group, grateful for how much Fundación MAPFRE and the ie University have given us to learn and improve during this period. And we want to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities that this prestigious award has given us

We’ll keep you informed about our news and, in the meantime, you can take a look at the finalist projects so that you can see that the world of social innovation is moving, that there are relevant and hopeful advances. And, if any of you reading this post are social innovators, put this award on your radar, because it really is worth it.

we keep working!!!!!



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