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A multidisciplinary team committed to finding solutions in the field of health

Marián García Prieto

CEO and founder

Professor at the Gijón Polytechnic School of Engineering.<br />PhD in Industrial Engineering and Psychology student.<br />With 20 years dedicated to research and teaching, I have numerous teaching and scientific publications and I now propose to link engineering and society to give back to my elders everything they have given me.</p><p>#Restless<br />#Hard-Worker<br />#Dreamer<br />#Passionate</p><p>My dream is...<br />to apply engineering to people

Jorge Marrón


Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineer.<br />Master in Internet of things and continuous training to improve.<br /></p>Passionate about R+D+i, research and development of new equipment, especially those that help people in their daily lives, are the engine of my professional career.<p>#Nice<br />#Hard-worker<br />#Proffesional<br />#Good communicator
Javi Fer

Javier Fernández

Cross-platform and web developer

Multi-platform developer and system and network administrator.


My goal is to keep learning and improving in my field on a daily basis.

Marta Lombardero

Marta Lombardero

Software Development

Multi-platform developer eager to learn and to help


My dream is... to improve people's lives through technology.

Julia Dorado


Administrative by profession and vocation. I like order and organization to facilitate my own work and that of others. The small details and the work that is less seen help to develop big projects.</p><p>#Hard-worker<br /># Perfectionist<br /># Constant<br />#Positive</p><p>My dream is...<br />Being part of a good project

Gabriel Villa Navas

Cross-platform developer

Cross-platform developer.<br />Great computer lover, passionate about development and programming.<br />Developing a better future.</p><p>#Serious<br />#Studious<br />#Hard-Worker<br />#Friendly
Jose Luis Alperi

Jose Luis Alperi

Cross-platform and web developer

Multiplatform developer with experience in graphic and web design. Passionate about drones and their ability to see things from a different perspective. Always looking for new challenges to learn and grow.


My dream... to make technology accessible to all kinds of people.

Carlos Sánchez Yerga

Carlos Sánchez Yerga

Software Development

Developer passionate about technology. I love challenges that allow me to improve every day and I enjoy learning. Restless, curious and perfectionist, always looking for new opportunities to grow and develop myself.

# dreamer
# cheerful
# hard-working

My dream.... develop technology to make life easier for those who need it most.

Javier Martín


Salesperson and businessman in the distribution and transport sector with more than 20 years of experience in search of new ideas and business formulas. Passionate about photography and its techniques and excited about marketing.</p><p>#Creative<br />#Curious<br /># Honest<br /># Patient<br /># Constant</p><p>My dream is...<br />combine social needs with those of the company, making a useful and sustainable business.

Adrián Fernández Mayo

Marketing and development

Graphic designer, crossplatform developer and photography, video and lighting technician, always eager to learn so as not to fall into obsolescence.<br />Passionate about visual communication, UX/UI design and Front-End development, continually looking for the most intuitive way for users to interact with any platform.</p><p>#Creative<br />#Visual<br />#Happy
Carlota Iglesias

Carlota Iglesias

Medialab resident collaborating with i4life

I am a Commerce and Marketing student, always eager to learn and improve. I consider myself a proactive, sociable and passionate about digital marketing. I am easy to adapt, I have the ability to work in a team and I have the ability to communicate with people.


Busga Allioui

Busga Bouamar

Commercial Department

Commercial passionate about achieving goals. I love photography, customer service, constant learning and knowledge sharing.

My motivation is to constantly seek new ways of personal and professional growth and thus provide a quality service.


My dream....continue sharing.

Advisory team

We have surrounded ourselves with professionals and friends who contribute to the continuous improvement of our projects.

A group made up of engineers, researchers, consultants, doctors, psychologists, with ample experience and proven experience.

Founder and president of IDESA until 2014

Jose Manuel García Sánchez

Sánchez, as he is known in the industrial world, is Cordoba by birth and Asturian by adoption. A technical engineer by vocation, he worked for more than 25 years at Duro Felguera Calderería Pesada.

n 1993 he founded Ingeniería y Diseño Europeo, SA., (IDESA) in the middle of the industrial crisis, in order to ensure that the twelve Asturian workshops that formed the company could go together to the international capital goods market. IDESA went from being the coordinating engineer for the work of these workshops to a benchmark manufacturer, with its own staff and workshops. In 2014 IDESA was sold to the Daniel Alonso Group, with more than 500 employees between office and workshop.
His extensive technical and management experience, his capacity for innovation and his positive vision of life, business and people become a luxury adviser who, even though he is already retired, still has a lot to contribute.
Helping Digital Health Business expand globally.

Pilar Fernández

Pilar has 20 years of experience in international sales strategy, channel creation and business development.

He firmly believes in innovation through technology and has advised many health organizations to transform the benefits of technology into positive results and to put in place appropriate ecosystems and business models to make the transformation sustainable. Pilar has been a member of the international management team of companies such as Cisco and Wolters Kluwer and has worked on four continents.
In 2014, Pilar founded i-Expand, a London-based consultancy specializing in helping technology companies in the Digital Healthcare sector expand globally. She actively participates in the global community of technological innovation in health: as a member of various associations, speaker at events, mentor and member of Make it Global, among others. Pilar is fluent in 9 languages.
Responsible for alternative investments in Renta 4

Marta García Prieto

Marta is currently responsible for alternative investments at Renta 4. He has 24 years of experience in Finance and Investments.

He began his career in one of the Audit Big Four (now Deloitte) after which he joined the investment banking team of JP Morgan and later formed part of the Investment area of Torreal for 20 years (one of the main investment companies private company in Spain, owned by the Abelló family).
He has demonstrable experience in the selection, analysis, negotiation and monitoring of numerous investments in private equity operations (Private Equity) and listed companies, as well as in start-ups as in more mature companies.
Mechanical engineering and industrial design management.

Santiago Martín

With an academic profile that combines mechanical engineering and industrial design management, Santiago has developed his professional career close to the human part of technology and design.

With an algorithmic approach to problem solving and a fascination with geometry, shapes and optimization processes inspired by nature, Santiago has spent the last 10 years exploring the most innovative technology and design processes for people. He has worked for 2 years as a Design Technician for Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) at Prodintec (Technological Center in Asturias). He founded Vortica in 2010, a business project around generative design (algorithms + geometry) and, since 2018, he has been living in Galway (Ireland) as Prin. Human Factors Design & Engineer at Medtronic, developing more wearable medical devices.
A pair of running shoes, a fishing rod and a beer with friends would complete Santiago's profile.
Professor of the University Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón

Ramón Rubio

He currently has two sections of research recognized by the CNEAI and focuses his research work on generative design and additive manufacturing.
In 2018, he launched the MediaLab chair with the support of the Gijón City Council.

After studying industrial engineering at the University of Oviedo, in 2000 he was hired as research staff at the University of Oviedo and the following year he became part of the staff of contracted professors at the University of Oviedo in the Department of Construction and Manufacturing Engineering. In 2003 he presented his doctoral thesis on CAD and educational innovation. He is a Master in Social Studies of Science from the U. of Oviedo in 2008.
After fifteen years of teaching and research experience at the University of Oviedo, he has accumulated more than 3,000 hours of teaching, 15 scientific publications in international journals with impact level (JCR), 30 research projects, more than 40 presentations at national and international congresses, 3 books published by prestigious publishers (Pearson-Prentice-Hall), 3 software patents, 40 courses taught and two doctoral theses directed on additive manufacturing and biomimetics. He has directed more than 60 final projects in industrial engineering and industrial technical engineering.
Since September 2015, he has directed the title of the University of Oviedo "Creative 3D Printing" and has participated in the creation of three spin-offs from the University of Oviedo: VORTICA (generative design), PIXELSHUB (serious games) and TRIDITIVE (3D printing). He has carried out several stays at prestigious universities of five weeks duration each (UCL – Bartlett School of Architecture - 2011-2013-2014-2015 and University of Edinburgh 2012) on topics related to teaching and research in ecodesign. He has the C1 - Cambridge English level obtained in 2013.
Currently he has two sections of research recognized by the CNEAI and focuses his research work on generative design and additive manufacturing.
In 2018 launches the MediaLab chair with the support of the Gijón City Council.
It is the organizer of TEDxGijon ( - five editions), TEDxYouth@Gijon ( - four editions), of the BEEADOER education platform (awarded for educational innovation by the COTEC Foundation, Deloitte and the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2017 - and the AULAECO ecodesign working group (
Jorge Puente
Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón
Dra. Marta Blázquez
Ana Lázaro
Asociación Párkinson Jovellanos
Icíar Aparicio
Susana Donate
Asociación de Párkinson de Madrid
Team with more than 20 years of experience in digital consulting, technological development, application programming, development and management of online stores, etc.
Asociación Parkinson Jovellanos
Non-profit entity integrated into the Spanish Federation of Parkinson’s and the Federation of the Elderly of the Principality of Asturias, its primary purpose is: “Improve the quality of life of those affected by Parkinson’s disease and their families”
MediaLab was born within the university, based at the Gijón Polytechnic School of Engineering, with the aim of training better professionals, with attitude, ability and knowledge in 4.0 technologies and transversal skills.
Cluster de Biomedicina y Salud
The Cluster brings together, in addition to renowned research groups, companies, foundations, research centers, public administrations, and the hospital network of the Principality, including the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) and the Biosanitary Research and Innovation Foundation of the Principality of Asturias. .
Impulsa Gijón
Impulsa belongs to the Gijón City Council, dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurial culture. Information on business creation, rental of offices and warehouses, etc.


Award CEEI

Mejor proyecto empresarial de base tecnológica






Committed company

Empresa comprometida con nuestros jóvenes.

III Venture On the Road Gijón

Seedrocket 2019

Winner Best Web of Asturias

Business Category


ANIS contest

proyecto ganador del II Concurso de Emprendedores de ANIS.

Sello EIBT


proyecto ganador del II Concurso de Emprendedores de ANIS.

Fundación Mapfre Award for Social Innovation

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Do you want to collaborate with us? write to us

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