OpenAIdCare is a project to develop a low-cost residence to ensure that adults with ASD can receive the best care with the support of technology

The result sought is to generate a standard of residence for adults with ASD that fully adapts to their needs and is affordable with each person's disability pension.


More than 32M people in the world diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder self-harm at specific times. They need 24 hours surveillance

The present is hard for their families. The future even more, because residences for their children are unaffordable for the majority.

What if we lower the price of the residence by automating controls while personalizing care according to the usual guidelines in each family?

Our solution

We propose to design an opensource solution to generate a collaborative model of low-cost smart residence for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
And if we extend it to people with dependency in general?

Out objective

Implement a collaborative model of low-cost smart residence for adults with dependency.

What is OpenAIdCare?




A monitoring kit for the subject and their home, as well as a care personalization platform, to be managed by family members and caregivers.



We will sensorize the home to collect patterns and routines. Families and caregivers will define automations to control and execute to guarantee the well-being of adults with ASD. Artificial Intelligence will allow each user to learn. The work display and alerts will give peace of mind to the caregiver and family.


Wearables that will monitor a person's variables such as heart rate, metabolic activity, sleep...The data will reveal patterns without generating intrusion or invasion of privacy.


An interface through voice or pictograms; a web app for interaction with the subject, family and caregivers.

What do we measure with OpenAIdCare?


Movement and presence, opening and closing of doors and windows, routines, use of electrical appliances, light, noise, smoke, indoor air quality (temperature, humidity, CO2, CO), video surveillance cameras and smart plugs.

Biometric parameters

Heart rate, saturation, temperature, weight, sweating, sleep, physical activity.

Quality of life

Whenever possible, questions will be launched in relation to quality of life, mental health and other questionnaires adapted to each subject, through images or pictograms (mobile application or viewer) or voice (Alexa).

Competitive advantage OpenAIdCare



AI for quality care and low cost




Easy to install and use


Customizable and predictive

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