Engineering for your life

We create devices to improve people’s quality of life (QoL). Our solutions are easy-to-use and give support to the elderlies while giving a lot of information to their physicians, relatives and caregivers.

Somehow, i4life humanizes technology to help patients, medical specialists, relatives and caregivers.

We look for needs

It’s a fact that technology has invaded our lives. As time passes, we understand it better and it is getting more and easier for everyone.

i4life wants to take advantage of global access to technology to improve older people’s lives.

Help us find needs!! Then, we will look for solutions!! If you have a necessity or a problem to be solved, click here and tell us about it.

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We commercialize products and services

By means of our social goal and our distribution network we have are able to sell products and services that contribute to your quality of life’s improvement.

If you want to see our products and services catalogue, click here and take a look at our online shop.

If you want your product or service to be in our catalogue, contact us by filling in the attached form.

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We support creators and inventors

i4life is looking for existing needs to develop accordingly solutions. But we are aware that we will be more efficient if we have other creator’s minds helping us. We do believe in teamwork, therefore, if you already have a solution to commercialize, we could reach the goal together. To this end, tell us about your idea and how it can help the world, by filling in the following form.

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We develop solutions

Our technical team has developed different solutions and selected products and services that can help people. Our conditions are: obtaining maximum quality products, easy-to-use solutions, trustworthiness, durability and getting the best prices.

You can see the available services and products catalogue.

If you have any comment or question, don’t doubt contacting us through the attached form.

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