i4life was born with the PURPOSE of thanking our elders for everything they have done for us. We develop and manufacture easy-to-use devices and software that serve to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Our challenge is to improve their lives using engineering.

At this time we have solutions for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and heart and respiratory diseases. In our solutions, devices and software are paired order to improve user communication to their environment (physicians, family and caregivers).

We look for needs

It’s a fact that technology has invaded our lives. As time passes, we understand it better and it is getting more and easier for everyone.

i4life wants to take advantage of global access to technology to improve older people’s lives.

Help us find needs!! Then, we will look for solutions!! If you have a necessity or a problem to be solved, click here and tell us about it.


We market products and services

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By means of our social goal and our distribution network we have are able to sell products and services that contribute to your quality of life’s improvement.

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Support creators and inventors

i4life is looking for existing needs to develop accordingly solutions. But we are aware that we will be more efficient if we have other creator’s minds helping us. We do believe in teamwork, therefore, if you already have a solution to commercialize, we could reach the goal together. To this end, tell us about your idea and how it can help the world, by filling in the following form.


We develop solutions

Our technical team has been developing solutions and selecting products and services that can help you in your day-to-day. Our requirements are to obtain products with the highest quality, reliability, durability and get the best prices.
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For a Parkinson’s Disease patient, to explain their symptoms and difficulties to the neurologist is really hard. It is not easy to tell your doctor every symptom you have had since your last medical appointment and to give details of your condition in the morning, afternoon and night.


i4park® is a software that will ask you about your symptoms from time to time and will propose you to fill in some tests to prepare your medical appointment. With all these data, a report will be created that will be available for your physician by the online software i4park®.



Some people with Parkinson’s suffer episodes of freezing of the march and going out on the street or walking around at home frightens them. The blockages are very disabling.


This cane will help you avoid freezing or overcoming it, in addition to giving you stability and measuring your vital signs to facilitate them to the doctor directly, since it is linked to the i4park® software.



Many times people with heart disease or athletes, have no way to measure easily their heart rate and  blood oxygen saturation.


i4case allows a detailed, quick and easy follow-up of the blood pulse and oxygen. Thanks to its size and use through mobile the information is obtained at any time and anywhere.