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Pulse meter and blood oxygen saturation.

On many occasions, people with respiratory diseases or athletes would benefit from having access to their heart rate and blood oxygen saturation measurements.

i4case® enables accurate, continuous, fast and easy monitoring of pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. Thanks to its size and use through mobile phones, information is obtained at any time and anywhere.

Precise tracking, compact format.

  • Connected to the app, it will show the data obtained and a record of the measurements will be made.

  • Small and light, to take it wherever you go.

  • Consistent and reliable results.


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Diagnostic photoelectric sensor.


Allows you to stick it to the back of the phone.


A button battery that offers 6 months of use.

Declaration of conformity See DC

i4case® offers multiple advantages.

The i4life® ecosystem saves your information.

Easy to use

It is only necessary for users to place one of their fingers on the photoelectric sensor for diagnosis, and by using the app the data obtained will be shown and a record of the measurements will be carried out.

Low consumption

It uses a CR2032 button cell with a durability of approximately 6 months. In addition, the device turns off after 30 seconds without using it.

Compact size

The volume and weight of i4case is light, very convenient to carry it wherever you go.

Safe and accurate

i4case uses advanced technology to ensure the most consistent and reliable results. The records and measurements are stored in the cloud of the i4case app.

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Get your pulse oximeter now

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