glucómetro que habla
glucómetro que habla

Voice connected blood glucose meter

Diabetes is a disease that often coexists with vision problems. However, the glucometers on the market are getting smaller and smaller and users find it difficult to read the indications.

That is why we at i4life are developing an easy-to-use glucometer that speaks. And, the data it measures is uploaded directly into a database, accessible to the patient, their family or caregivers and their doctor.

This glucometer solution, i4gluco, allows accurate, continuous, fast and easy monitoring of the blood glucose level. The development is being financed by Impulsa – Gijón City Council, under a project called PROTOTIPOS CIUDAD DE FUTURO, where the Cabueñes University Hospital acts as the validating company, specifically the Metabolic Unit staff.

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Precise tracking, compact format.

  • The device will tell you your measurement
  • In addition, it will make a record of measurements
  • Small and light, to take with you wherever you go.
  • Consistent and reliable results.

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i4gluco ofrece múltiples ventajas.

The i4life® ecosystem saves and shares information with physicians and family members.

Easy to use

It works with test strips, but you don’t need to read the data. It also provides them to you by voice. And a record of the measurements will be made.

Low consumption

It uses a cr1632 button cell with an approximate life of 6 months. In addition, the device turns off after 30 seconds of non-use.

Compact size

i4gluco is light and not very bulky, very comfortable to carry wherever you go.

Safe and accurate

i4gluco uses advanced technology to ensure the most accurate and reliable results. The records and measurements can be used in medical consultations thanks to the cloud storage of the i4life health ecosystem.

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