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Go prepared to your doctor's consultation

Parkinson’s is a disease that presents with numerous symptoms. It is difficult to discuss all of them with the doctor on the day of the visit. Furthermore, patients are often subjective when they report this information. The i4park® application will frequently ask you questions about the symptoms and, with simple questionnaires, it will monitor you. With all the data, treated with statistics and artificial intelligence, a report will be prepared for your doctor. i4park® is based on clinical practice and universal protocols for monitoring those affected by Parkinson’s disease. The app, born in 2016, has been tested in a clinical research project with patients and neurologists from the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA). During the pilot experiment, formal and functional improvements were detected, which have been implemented and have allowed us to achieve a product that is highly adapted to the user.

Accessible and easy to use.

Regarding accessibility, i4park complies with the Universal Design Principles as well as the reference accessibility standards and recommendations. It presents a font size and some icons that facilitate its reading, management and understanding, a consequence of the application of easy reading protocols.

Download the application for free:

If what you are looking for is to integrate our service into your own platform, you can use our API.

It is available in the Nubentos API Store:

Imagen movil con app i4park
Letter size

Comfortable to read.


They facilitate understanding.

Big buttons

They facilitate the use of the application.

Imagen movil con app i4park

Quality and safety.

We have the Distinctive AppSaludable, the first in Spanish that recognizes the quality and safety of health apps. We pass the validation process carried out by the Health Quality Agency of Andalusia. This distinction is based on the 31 recommendations already published in the Guide to recommendations for the design, use and evaluation of health apps, which are structured into 4 blocks: Design and relevance; Information quality and security; Provision of services and Confidentiality and Privacy.

i4park® offers multiple advantages.

Personal data is collected by i4park® for the correct elaboration of the reports and the personalization of the treatments and will be transferred, exclusively by the user himself, to his doctor and/or caregiver. i4life will not transfer the data of its users to third parties.

For users:
  • Important data will not be forgotten.

  • Daily record of symptoms.

  • Easy to use.


For doctors and therapists:
  • Detailed symptom report.

  • Follow-up of the patient from the PC.


Download app now, available for Android and iPhone:

Download app now, available for Android and iPhone:

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