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pauto® is a smart device attached to a cane that is able to provide visual and haptic cues to help you with Freezing of Gait Episodes.

For your peace of mind, pauto® is geolocated and you can warn your caregivers or relatives in case of an emergency or if you get lost.

pauto® is also powered with Artificial Intelligence. It prepares an easy-to-read report with your activity and symptoms. A really good info for your physician.

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opciones de pauto
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The most complete smart cane on the market.

  • Removable device for geolocation and unlocking on the move.
  • Battery with more than 7 days of autonomy.
  • Now available in three formats to suit you best. Find out more here.
Botón de emergencia

Señal de socorro a teléfonos autorizados de familia y cuidadores.

Caña de aluminio anodizado

Altura regulable y fijación de seguridad.

Contera amortiguadora

Gran estabilidad.

Pistas láser

Ayuda para el desbloqueo (línea y punto) Visibilidad en condiciones de luz solar.


Estudio ergonómico, fácil y cómoda de sujetar.

pauto® in the media

pauto® offers multiple advantages.

The i4life ecosystem stores and shares information with doctors and family members.

For users:
  • Provides safety and autonomy.
  • With emergency button.
  • Unblocks freezing episodes.
  • Generates activity and symptom diary.
For family members and caregivers:
  • Geolocates outdoors and indoors.
  • Defines security area and alerts.
For doctors and therapists
  • Detailed symptom report.
  • Monitoring of the patient from the PC.
  • Useful for rehabilitation therapies.

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