Spaces with safe CO₂ values

UnicCO₂ allows you to connect to the platform using a QR code, so that the visitor can see the quality of the air in real time.

It collects data from compatible devices, previously tested for use with the UnicCO₂ system.

Knowing the quality of the air that we are going to breathe in restaurants, shopping centers, gyms, hospitals, public transport and closed spaces is essential for health.

Benefits of securing measured data

UnicCO₂ Blockchain technology

it benefits both management and customers who demand quality.

The Management

it differentiates itself from its competitors by being transparent, through data certification and public access with a simple QR. It can also be integrated into your own website.


they will choose the safe spaces of CO₂ where to spend their leisure, being able to know in advance the secured data that describes the risk inside.

UnicCo2 System Compatible Devices

Only manufacturers of CO2 sensor that meet exhaustive requirements are compatible with UnicCO2

If you are a manufacturer of connected CO2 sensors, you can incorporate the  UnicCO2 security system

see details (coming soon)

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