Founder and President of IDESA until 2014
Sánchez, as he is known in the industrial world, is from Cordoba and from birth of Asturias. Technical engineer of vocation, he worked for more than 25 years in Duro Felguera Calderería Pesada. In 1993 he founded Ingeniería y Diseño Europeo, SA., (IDESA) in the middle of an industrial crisis, in order to ensure that the twelve Asturian workshops that constituted the company could go together to the international capital goods market. IDESA went from being the coordinating engineering of the works of these workshops to a reference manufacturer, with its own staff and workshops. In 2014 IDESA was sold to Grupo Daniel Alonso, with more than 500 employees between offices and workshops.

His extensive technical experience, management, his capacity for innovation and his positive vision of life, business and people make him a luxury advisor who, although he is already retired, still has much to contribute.

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