In i4life we are specialists in design and development projects with Lean Design

Keeping deadlines and objectives in different technological fields:

IoT (Internet of Things)

We develop data collection projects from sensors that allow monitoring, through software and Artificial Intelligence, to extract maximum value from the information.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Intelligence provides analytical power and enhances the achievement of results, patterns and efficiency in business and processes. We have experience in customizing the service for different sectors.

Web design

Web design services that adapt to any type of business: corporate websites, online stores, custom developments… always thinking about optimization: maximizing sales results and minimizing the complexity of using the platforms and tasks.


We have experience developing applications that offer the best user experience and comply with functionality and design very efficiently: keeping deadlines and objectives. Lean Design to meet customer expectations in the shortest possible time.


Custom development of responsive and scalable webApps adapted at all times to the functional requirements of the project. Mixing design, functionality, usability and accessibility to make custom projects.

Digital Marketing

Design and development of the most appropriate strategy for each client. Experience in the generation of audiovisual content and its application to network traffic. Facilitating the necessary training so that the client understands the reason for the networks and how to get the most out of them to boost their business.

Audiovisual Content

Our team is made up of personnel with experience and knowledge of photography and video. Prepared to take advantage of the image in the dissemination of products and services.

Digi4life – Kit Digital

We are digital agent

Artificial intelligence for ASD

OpenAIdCare is a project to develop a low-cost residence to ensure that adults with ASD can receive the best care with the support of technology. The result sought is to generate a standard of residence for adults with ASD that fully adapts to their needs and is affordable with each person's disability pension.

They trust us

Business Cooperation Platforms 2022

HUB HOME CARE Optimization and market launch of a platform for access to dependency care.


Design, prototyping and validation of an intelligent management tool for self-employed truckers

Business Cooperation Platforms 2022. Phase 2

HUBevolution – Optimization and market launch of a digital solution for remote monitoring of dependent people.

PINT Program 2021

International promotion and market diversification

SME Instrument Phase I

European Framework Program for financing R&D&i Horizon 2020

Business Platforms

Implementation of blockchain to encourage self-monitoring of chronic patients.